Oh Summer….

The grassy path through the backyard.

Somehow, looking at this picture, I’m totally stunned. I just cant believe that summer will come again and everything will once more be this green! We’ve had record snowfalls this year, and winter has been bitterly cold, wet, dark, and terrible. When the ground isnt frozen, there is six inches of slushy ice wtaer to wade through in order to traverse this path… I think the only footwear I’ve worn in months has been my insulated rubber boots.

But, despite all that, February is one of the biggest farm-work months around here. The 400 tomato seeds have just begun to sprout (indoors of course!), closely followed by eggplants and peppers. Now is the time to dig new garden beds, to weed the old ones, to burn brush and last years garden plants (since there was so much late tomato blight in the area as well as an explosion of harlequin bugs I’m not going to compost it), to plant early brassicas and peas, hack down the terrible holly bush again, mulch pathways, acquire oak logs for shiitake cultivation, do trail maintenance, and await the arrival of seed orders.

Even though the world seems dead right now and there doesnt seem to be any greenery in sight, if you look closely… the veronicas are blooming, the daffodils are up, crocus buds are about to pop, new raspberry canes are green just under the soil’s surface, baby cleavers are coming out of the mulch pile… and I know with all my heart that spring will come again.

And… that the poke berry that’s wedged under the chicken coop will be 15 feet tall again, that the mower wont be able to keep up with the lawn, that the morning glories will threaten to eat the cat or slow moving small children, the mosquitos will show no mercy… Well, you understand.

I can’t wait!

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