More Project Pictures

Here’s pictures of some various projects from 2011:

The new chicken coop.



A new path to WWOOF island.


The dome and bridge to WWOOF island.

The dome and BPM bridge to WWOOF island.


Inside of the outdoor shower, about 5x5 ft.


Getting a new roof on the warehouse.


Sculptures in the back yard.

Sculptures and kayak in the back yard.


Another path through the wildflower jungle.

Another path through the wildflower jungle.


Having fun digging garden beds in rocky soil.


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Patio Project

Here’s the patio before:

The concrete "pad" before.

And after a little work:

The "pad" with new raised beds and lots of vegetable starts.

And a whole lot more work:

Finished with the bamboo trellis.

And with some furniture and vines, the “pad” becomes a “patio”:


A great place to have dinner.

After a little work, this has become one of the favorite places on the farm!

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2011 Project Agenda

Here are some things that are coming up in 2011:

-greenhouse construction (feb/march)

-plowing and amending the new church garden (feb/march)

-building more edible mushroom growing facilities (ongoing)

-inoculating more mushroom logs (march)

-planting lots of perennial flowers (ongoing)

-developing better compost systems/piles (ongoing)

-rainwater catchment (feb/march)

-trail construction and maintenance (ongoing)

-ornamental flower and herb gardens (spring/fall)

-bog and stream gardens (ongoing)

-building a composting toilet (soon)

-cobb pizza oven (summer)

-solar dehydrator (summer)

-more french drains (ongoing)

-improvements to outdoor kitchen (spring)

-treehouse building (summer/fall)

-expansion of chicken coop (summer)

-wood fired hot tub (summer)

And, anything else that strikes our fancy or that we didn’t get to last year!

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Update on 2010’s Projects

Well, like most things, everything we did took longer than we planned!

Fortunately, we got a lot of things on our 2010 project agenda done, the biggest accomplishments being construction of the outdoor kitchen and shower, making the backyard of the warehouse into garden beds, and building lots of paths and bridges. We inoculated about 150 shiitake logs, built another chicken coop, grew lots of plants, made a new compost bin, set up a trellis system for the hops, built a grey water system for the outdoor shower and sink, cleared most of WWOOF island and set up the dome, started growing oyster mushrooms indoors, amended lots soil, and acquired more land to grow vegetables on.

We did a lot, probably lots more than I can list here. The challenges were numerous, from squash bugs to losing our e-z-up during the tailgate market to torrential rain storms to an algae bloom in the pool, but we persevered. 🙂

Big thanks to everyone who had a part in our 2010 season. All the WWOOFers, the Emma Farms community, CSA members, friends, volunteers, mentors, and anyone else who had a part – it was a great year and we couldn’t have done it without you!

So, now that 2011 is upon us, it’s time to get planning for the upcoming season. May this year be even better!

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2010 Project Agenda

Here’s a list of projects scheduled for 2010 at Emma Farms:

-attached polycarb and cordwood greenhouse (march)

-ornamental flower and herb garden (feb.)

-chicken coop addittion for pheasants/chicken breeding (jan)

-200 shitake mushroom logs (march)

-hops and trellis growing system (april)

-various bamboo ornamental garden structures (ongoing)

-bog garden (ongoing)

-elderberry production (may)

-forest cultivation of medicinal herbs (ongoing)

-composting toilet and outdoor shower (march)

-sandoz island ewok village (ongoing)

-fiddlehead/ostrich fern cultivation (may)

-expansion of vegetable gardens and raised beds (ongoing)

-drainage improvement with french drains (ongoing)

-some aesthetic intervention 🙂 (ongoing)

-outdoor classroom space (summer)

-trail maintenance and bridge building (ongoing)

-removal of standing dead oaks from woods (ongoing)

-new chicken coop connected with greenhouse (april)

-erecting playa dome and yurt (april)

-rainwater collection barrels (may)

-stream garden and riparian rehab (ongoing)

-redistributing a 5-ton pile of horse manure (ongoing)

-cob pizza oven (may)

-outdoor kitchen gazebo (may/june)

-archery range for weekly club meetings (april)

-morel cultivation project (april)

-wood fired hot tub and sauna (may/june)

-solar dehydrator (june)

-cold frames/hoop houses (ongoing)

-treehouses and platforms (ongoing)

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Infrastructure Posts?

So, what this section is all about, is… infrastructure. As in, all the building projects, trails, new gardens, greenhouses and cold frames, hop trellises, cob ovens, rustic wood-fired hot tubs… Maybe I’m getting carried away here?

Since we have a lot of big projects scheduled for this year, I’d like to document what all we’re doing. In this section I’ll include some plans, designs and ideas, drawings, some before and after photos (and really, dont balk at the before photos, it will make clear the need for big projects), and hopefully, photos of happy people all working together.


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