How It Works!

1) You can choose to receive a $450 share or a $650 share. That breaks down to roughly $20 per week or $30 per week for the larger share. In each weekly box there will be at least that dollar amount worth of vegetables. There will almost always be more than that and sometimes there will be a lot more, depending on the week and the weather. I will try to include a good variety of different veggies, herbs, etc. in each box – ideally 6 to 10 different things.

2) The produce in each box is seasonal. That means you will be getting whatever is ripe that week. You can feel free to ask questions about when things will be maturing, but generally there are a lot of greens in the spring and fall, things like beets, squash, and carrots in the early summer, and corn, melons, and tomatoes in late summer.

3) Recipes and produce ID guides (with interesting history and tidbits sometimes) will be available on this website.  This is so you’re not left wondering, “What is this?” or “What am I supposed to do with mizuna?”  Most of the recipes I will give you will lean towards the gourmet side of the spectrum (because that’s how I cook!) but they will be within everyone’s culinary skill level and usually include pictures.

4) The CSA season is from May 1st to October 15th. If you would like to join the CSA for just a part of the season, or are planning on a vacation more than 2 weeks long, let me know and we can make arrangements.

5) The CSA will consist of 22 weekly vegetable boxes out of a 24-week period. That means that there will be two weeks during the summer that are “vacation” weeks where the farm takes a break. I will let you know in advance which weeks these will be!

6) CSA members will need to pick up their boxes at the farm during designated pick-up hours. Those have yet to be decided (they will be when the season gets closer) but right now its looking like all day on Wednesdays and Friday afternoons. If the pick up times don’t work for you, we can arrange something different for you! Emma Farms is located on Emma Road in West Asheville, about 2.5 miles from downtown and less than one mile from Kmart on Patton Avenue.

7) Payment is expected in full when you join the CSA. We use your CSA membership money to purchase things we need for the upcoming season, like seeds and tools, so receiving it in a timely way is important! Also, be aware that we have a limited number of slots, and they are filled first-come first-serve. If finances are an issue but you would really like to be part of the CSA, please feel free to contact me and we can try to work out a payment arrangement. If you choose the regular share, a full season (22 weeks) will cost $450. The larger share costs $650 for the season.

8 ) As of now, we are not offering work trade for vegetables. If the season goes really well, it’s possible that we can do something like that. I will let people know if that option opens up.

9) If you would like to volunteer on the farm, pick your own veggies, or come and ask questions and spend some time on the farm, great! Every CSA member is welcome to participate in the production of their food. Please just call and let us know when you would like to come and we’ll arrange a time that works for everyone.

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