What’s Growing This Year

Here’s a list of some of the fruits and vegetables that will be growing this year at Emma Farms. These are not all of the things that will be in the garden – I always end up trading plants with neighbors and other farm folks, as well as making a few last minute seed orders – but these are the majority of the varieties you will see in your CSA boxes.

If you join the CSA and would like to request a fruit or vegetable, feel free to do so. The sooner the better!


With the assistance of the WNC AgOptions Grant, we are growing lots of mushrooms this year! Several varieties will definitely be in CSA boxes – including french trumpet, gold/pink/pearl/blue oyster, and shiitake. There are quite a few other varieties that we are going to be working with and learning how to cultivate, so expect surprises!


lovage, sage, lavender, chamomile, thyme, fennel, chervil, cilantro, parsley, dill, sorrel, rosemary, mint, savory, 8+ varieties of basil, and more.


edible flowers like nasturtium, marigold, bee balm, calendula, sunflowers, and an assortment of cut flower varieties.



beans- yellow romano; lima; purple, red, and green snap beans

beets- mix of red, yellow, white, and striped

berries- blackberry, black/red raspberry, wineberry

broccoli- romanesco, de cicco, calabrese

cauliflower- purple and white

carrot- orange, yellow, white, purple, and red

chard- bright lights (multi-color), golden, and deep red


corn- bi-color sweet corn and more

cucumber- pickling, lemon, miniature white, and long asian

eggplant- small purple, green, and yellow; larger purple/white




greens- all kinds! lots of different wild-harvested ones also

ground cherry

jerusalem artichoke

kale- blue curled, red and white russian, rainbow lacinato

kohlrabi- purple and white

lettuces and assorted salad greens/mesclun mixes

melon- several varieties of heirloom, european and asian

mizuna- green, lime streaked, and purple

mustard- red and green

nuts- walnuts and chestnuts

okra- red and green

onions- red and yellow cippolini type, some others

peas- sugar snap, shelling peas, yellow and green snow peas

peppers- 10+ varieties, very hot to mild

pumpkins- several different types, mostly pie types

radishes- mix of 15+ varieties

spinach- mix of heirloom varieties

spring onions- purple and white

squash- white and green scallop (patty pan), yellow, green, round zucchini

staghorn sumac – for sumac lemonade or as a spice!

tatsoi and lots of other asian greens

tomatillo- purple, green, and pineapple

tomato- 30+ varieties, tons of colors/shapes/sizes

turnip- roots purple, white, yellow, and red; multiple greens

watermelon- several varieties, red, yellow, and white

winter squash- acorn, red kuri, delicata, and more


We do quite a bit of “urban foraging” on the farm, which mostly involves collecting unwanted fruit from trees in our neighborhood. What we get varies from year to year, but always includes apples and pears, and often things like june berries, cherries, mulberries, plums, and crab apples. Depending on the harvests and storage capacities of various fruits, we may choose to can/process some of them into jellies, jams, preserves, chutneys, sauces, or pickles. We make everything with minimal ingredients and little or no added sugar, and if you have any questions about the ingredients be sure to ask. During weeks with large perishable fruit harvests, expect to receive some of these products in your CSA boxes.

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