Possible Tasks for Volunteers

Here’s a list of some of the things volunteers will be doing on the farm this year. This list doesn’t include everything, and of course, all tasks are based on what projects we are doing, what time of year it is, etc etc etc. Hopefully, everyone who volunteers will be able to do primarily things that they really enjoy. Also, if you have a skill or an idea for something you would like to do, we are always open to suggestions!


(and, there’s really no order to this list…)

Clearing brush, briers, poison ivy. General path and trail maintenance, like building steps and bridges, edging with river stones or logs, covering muddy spots with mulch. Building cabins, treehouses, misc. structures.  Creating and maintaining raised bed vegetable and flower gardens. Weeding gardens. More weeding gardens. Greenhouse construction. Propagating plants from seeds, cuttings, layerings, and potentially tissue cloning. Medicinal herbs, esp. planting, collecting specimens in the field, harvesting, and collecting seeds. Directed work trade at other farms, examples are dairy goat farm, plant nursery, cheese makers, chinese medicinal herb farm, etc. Daily care of chickens. Help with moving stuff around (this is one of the least agreeable chores on a farm or in an artist collective). Working at the nonprofit community garden to help feed the hungry. Picking and packing produce for sale. Weeding gardens. Creating altars, meditation spaces, and secret gardens. Cleaning and sanitizing bottles for wine. Hauling mulch, manure, and compost. Creating and maintaining functional and aesthetically pleasing compost piles. Outdoor mushroom production, mostly shiitake and oyster. Basket weaving. Mural painting. Caring for and keeping clean common areas and tool sheds. Collecting fruit, herbs, and flowers for wine making. Growing, harvesting, and malting barley for beer making. Constructing trellises for hops, fruit, flowers, etc. Wreath making. Grafting and espaliering fruit trees. Bonsai (what the hell, why not?). Building a wood fired hot tub. Making a cob pizza oven (and maybe other cob stuff too). Weeding gardens. Collecting pallets for compost bins. Locating and acquiring useful free things like lumber, manure, rocks, etc. Beautifying the landscape and generally making the whole place look better, so that we can more effectively compete with Martha Stewart in the Better Homes and Gardens farm championship. Laughing at our jokes. Designing a kitchen gazebo for sandoz island. Laying bricks and stone for paths and patios. Gathering kindling and splitting wood. Roadside and stream cleanups. Digging drainage ditches. Boosting our frog population by slightly altering water flow and collecting tadpoles. Rescuing useful wild plants from bulldozers and urban sprawl. Making tiki torches. Helping with art market/produce stand events. Gem hunting at various mines. Daily chores like cooking, cleaning outhouse, sorting recycling, watering and feeding plants and animals, charging batteries for LED lanterns, etc. And, last but not least, weeding gardens.

Did I mention weeding gardens?


It sounds like a lot, but in all actuality, one of our community mottoes is “work smarter, not harder.” And a good layer of mulch pretty much takes care of all that weeding.

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