The Next Step Towards Volunteering

If you’ve read all of this information and survived and still want to volunteer with us, this is what to do next.

Send another email that:

1) describes more about your personality – anything that we might need to know to create a well-fitting match – like work habits, dietary needs, sleeping requirements, any physical limitations, team or solo work preference, allergies, medical concerns, etc.

2) explains your skills and experience with anything, but especially things listed in the possible tasks section – also, any special talents or areas of expertise that could be helpful in the community.

3) lists your primary areas of interest – what would you most like to do and learn during your stay? Anything you feel especially drawn to or excited about or just comfortable with.

4) telling about anything that you really don’t want to do – we all have them, aversions, phobias, bad past experiences – so if there’s something that’s not okay with you, now would be a good time to know about it to make things flow smoothly.

5) references – especially previous WWOOF hosts or someone from a life experience that involved working closely together with you – if you haven’t WWOOFed before or don’t have any volunteer/community/farm experience, that’s okay, just provide some sort of reference and explain their relationship to you.

6) your phone number! That way, we can call you and just chat for a minute and actually have some human to human contact.


Thanks for delving deeper, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Please be aware that we will respond to every volunteer inquiry, but the high volume of emails may cause us to take up to a week to respond!

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